motorcycle family

flats: missoni for target (clearance!); maxi dress: old navy; tee: mom's; cardi: storage unit; necklace: lucky
let us continue the maxi streak!
i got this dress after i found out target was sold out of L's magical maternity maxi, and then paired it with a black tee after the most stylish girl ever came into the store wearing a black maxi with a black tee knotted at her waist. of course, she had a teeny tiny supermodel waist and i've got a...not teeny tiny, soon-to-be momma waist. but still. a girl can try, right? and i was insanely cozy all day.

we got glorious rain today! rain is my favorite.
as soon as david and i saw the weather turning grey, we decided to get our motorcycle (a 2009 kawasaki vulcan 1700 if you're into that kind of thing) into our storage unit so she would be protected from the cold.
i drove ahead of david to the storage unit and got there just a minute ahead of him. i couldn't help bursting out laughing when he pulled up. he was wearing classic cruiser goggles, his hair was sticking straight up from the rain, and he gave me the biggest grin and thumbs up ever.
i very much enjoy being married to a goofy motorcycle man.
and i am very excited to hop on the back in a couple weeks after junior is here...just for a quick spin. i've been so jealous of david cruising around in this gorgeous weather!


  1. You great! And I've gotta give you props for still even getting dressed. I basically loafed around in my pjs from weeks 36 to 41.

  2. I love the black maxi. And I also love being married to a goofy motorcycle man.


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