pumping someone else's blood

a few snapshots from around our little corner of the world:
david's flannel (a hand-me-down from my dad, so doubly comforting) + a growing little someone
bananagrams + taquitos
i ordered david a case of his favorite allergy-safe PB cups (our grocery store doesn't carry them anymore) and he's happy to share...for $1...
my cozy birthing ball set-up + the cutest little outfit i ever did see

p.s. thank you for the book recommendations!
you basically just made my summer reading list and i can't wait. thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. what is a birthing ball? are you planning a home birth, or is it just for preparation & pre-baby comfort? i've been researching home births a lot, so i would be interested to know! xo

    1. hey, meg!

      it's basically just an exercise ball, except when you're pregnant you get to call it a birthing ball ;) it's used as a comfort measure during labor; sitting on it decreases pressure on the perineum (can i say perineum on my blog?), or you can lean over it, which lets your belly hang down and eases back pain (seriously feels a.ma.zing). it also helps the baby get into ideal positions during labor. mostly for now, though, it's comfortable for me to sit on when my back hurts and to do exercises to get my breech baby to flip his business around.

      and that response was like 10x longer than i planned on. i've turned into one of those pregnant ladies who will talk your ear off about everything labor/delivery related :)

      good luck with your research! there are so many awesome benefits to a home birth, and so much to learn (as i'm sure you're finding).

  2. OMG I love those PB cups! And they're organic which makes them even more awesome!!


  3. Hey there! Looks like you're getting close to D-day! I came across your blog via CM....so glad I did. I'm gonna look around a while. Btw, you make pregnant look good....I never seemed to be as put together as you look when I had a belly! Take care!

    The Mrs. and The Momma


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