speaking of everything

boots: thrifted; socks: target; skirt/scarf: f21; tee: wal mart; cardi: h&m
i totally forgot to blog yesterday! woops.
i blame it on compulsive pregnancy-induced cleaning (the term "nesting" weirds me out...it makes me think of head lice, plus it's overused). we've been gutting closets and cleaning every nook and cranny of our apartment. it's helpful that baby time also coincides with spring cleaning! our pad has never looked better...although i'm pooped. staying up until 2am organizing your hall closet will do that to you.

speaking of staying up until 2am, is anyone else seeing hunger games at midnight tonight?
i'm moderately ashamed of how excited i am, but mostly just excited.

and speaking of hunger games, i am hungry all the time lately. all. the. time.
and all i ever want is brown rice or cheese sticks or lemon pellegrino. actually that's just what i want right now...tomorrow i'll probably want a cheesy gordita crunch or something equally embarrassing.

and well, speaking of gordita...i don't know why i keep trying to squeeze into non-maternity clothing like this striped shirt. i put it on in the morning and i'm all, "yeah, ok, this is a decent fit!" but by the end of the day i'm wanting to take it off and run it through our paper shredder.

and now i'm done speaking of things, because this is just getting ridiculous.
p.s. today is the last day to enter the downeast giveaway! may the odds be ever in your favor ;)
(i'm kind of embarrassed by how lame that last line was)


  1. I am definitely seeing The Hunger Games at midnight tonight! And not the least bit ashamed! ;-)

  2. Seeing the Hunger Games tonight at 6:00! Can't wait, and I LOVE your fun spring cardigan with the stripes.


  3. I don't like the word "nesting," either -- but I dislike the words "preggers" and "prego" even more. Can't people just say that they're pregnant or expecting? Prego sounds like pasta sauce. Just saying.

  4. i didn't get to hit my full on nesting mode, i ended up finding i had preeclampsia last week and had baby boy the next day via emergency c-section. he was a little over three weeks early so needless to say procrastinator me didn't have much done yet. but we're so blessed to have him and i'm cherishing these extra three weeks we were given with him in our arms :)

  5. This outfit is really cute. It's nice that you can put outfits together and look great in maternity clothes, something I struggled with. I would love it if you linked this to my Watch What Im Wearing Link party


    Have a great Sunday!

  6. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! I love you!


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