thundercats are go

boots: kohl's; leggings (m): old navy; tee: diesel; sweater: ?; headband: homemade
this cardigan came out of my storage unit and i've been wearing it ever since. i honestly don't know if it's mine or david's, but it's comfortable and warm and even buttons over my middle if i want it to. keeper.

i went out to lunch with kate wearing this and she joked that i looked like a teen mom in my graphic tee. i liked that. i did feel a bit juno-esque in this outfit, minus the clever lingo and perfect lips, plus one husband (who is no hipster michael cera, and i love him for it).


  1. I know this has nothing to do with your post but please watch this video, help stop Kony.


    1. thanks for the link. there's quite a bit of stuff circulating about IC lately, including this article:
      i'll probably be doing a bit more research before deciding where my support/money goes :)


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