**i'm on maternity blog leave! i've scheduled a couple posts to keep my little blog home alive in my absence. this is one of them. enjoy!**

sandals: kmart (!); maxi: old navy; tee: wal mart; cardi: target
haha, how fed up do i look in that second picture? it was getting late and i was wanting to be in sweats, i think.
behold, the indoor outfit picture!
a most rare phenomenon, the indoor outfit picture is bred from forgetting one's SD card on the unlikely day when an actual outfit is worn at 9.5 months pregnant (as opposed to maternity leggings and a baggy sweater). characterized by poor lighting and a drab background, the indoor outfit pictures are a rare breed among fashion bloggers.

well, in case you didn't know, i live in a little town in southeastern idaho called rexburg. it's a college town and it is filled with young mormon parents (much like myself!).
every year, our local newspaper prints a special insert showcasing the babies that were born the previous year, and every year, this hilarious bloger posts about the best (read: worst) of the baby names. she recently posted the 2011 gems, and it's seriously something i look forward to every year. i love it.

anyways, what crazytown baby names have you heard? is this just idhao/utah?
and most importantly...should i have named my baby tryker stetson haynes?


  1. I look forward to her round up every year, too! Hahahahaha! Just shared it on my facebook page. Hope you are doing well new mama!

  2. Oh my gosh, thank you for posting that list. Hilarious!! I love how some people are super worked up about it too haha. So funny. There's always the myth of some girl/woman named l-a in Utah . somehow i lucked out with the names and was constantly called Lidasha at the testing center at BYU. It drove me nuts. I always have to explain no, it's Lisha, like Alisha without the front a, and my name is Chinese. Haaa. But in the last four years of living in Utah/Idaho, my favorites are the 5 variations of Shalese and Brielle, girls with apostrophes in their names such as M'Kenzi and D'Ann, and a lot of boys named Axel and Archer. Oh, also people who name their baby girls Peggy and Mildred, after their grandmothers. REALLY!?

  3. Hahaha! I make fun of crazy baby names all the time. My extended family names their kids the STRANGEST names (Cajurie and Taysia, anyone?) and I just had a friend name her daughter something weird that I can't remember right now -- I just remember how awful it was.
    P.S. I comment on here every once in a while, and I used to come in the store a lot when I was a BYU-I student. So I have met you before, even though I'm sure you've had hundreds of people come in. :)

  4. This naming phenomenon is definitely a Utah thing. I've never been to Rexburg but I figure since they've got BYU there too, its more of a weird Mormon thing? I dunno. Whatever it is, it's HILARIOUS!!!!

    What I think is funny is when a family names all their children with names beginning with the same letter, consonant, or suffix. I went to high school with a kid who shared the same initials with all 7 of his siblings, ABC.

    Though, I can't really talk. My daughter is named Lalea Kaha'ikala'ahiamaikalani. Shoot, my middle name is Lilinoeikamaluokekai! But since we're Hawaiian, I figure we get a free pass for our crazy names!

  5. I have never seen this list!!! So awesome! (I too was a faithful panache visitor and tanner). Miss rexburg so much! Congrats on your new addition. I always thought you and your husband were so cute together when I came in!

  6. I just discovered your blog tonight & I am already in love! Your blog is awesome & I am so glad I am now following it! :) http://abitofsyd.blogspot.com/


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