closet swapping

**i'm on maternity blog leave! i've scheduled a couple posts to keep my little blog home alive in my absence. this is one of them. enjoy!**
sneakers: delias circa 2007; pants: ae clearance; tee: target men's
this is a monday outfit!
you can tell from the hair. i look like the major of crazy town. and the tee shirt...the ripped pants....the sneakers. anyways, i washed my hair and let it get all nutso, then went to put it up but david said he liked it, so of course it stayed. i mean, who am i trying to look good for if not him?!

speaking of david's preferences, i saw this tee shirt at target and thought it was awesome. i was out shopping for david's easter basket and decided to get it for him so that when we no longer live in idaho he could remember how awesome it was to be close to yellowstone. but then i got to thinking, "david doesn't wear a ton of black...or a ton of graphic tee shirts. my husband dresses like an old man and prefers his blues and browns and plaids." but i really liked the tee shirt...so i bought it for myself!
but then i brought it home and showed it to him and he commented like 5 times about how it was an awesome tee shirt and he really liked it.
so maybe i should have gotten it for him after all....
i mean, he can still borrow it, except it's a size too small and it'll be all stretched out in the belly area. so it might look kind of silly...
it's too bad the closet swapping thing only works when i borrow david's clothes. i think he'd look kind of cute in knee-high boots and a cardigan...

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