sandals: kmart (!); skirt: c/o kosher casual; top (m)/cardi: target
last friday, david and i went out on a fancy date night.
we suspected it would be our last one before the baby came, and we wanted to make sure it was good. we tried to find a restaurant that we wouldn't ever take a baby to--which ruled out most chains. we learned that the hard way when we went to olive garden for our anniversary dinner in august and sat right next to a couple with a screaming baby the whole time. we could barely focus on our conversation.

so we decided to pay more for a quiet, fancy dinner. so worth it.
we found a place in idaho falls that had soft lighting, seated us next to a crackling fireplace, and we ended up having a whole room to ourselves. are you kidding me?! we were in heaven! i got salmon, david got steak, and we split a diet coke--my first in 9.5 months. yeah, i went crazy (cray-cray, if you will).

anyways, it was wonderful to unwind from the week, eat slowly, and enjoy conversation and one another's company. i know we'll still go on dates after little junior arrives, but i'm certain it won't be quite as carefree. i've been very nostalgic lately for the four years david and i have spent as a twosome and it just felt right to end it with an evening like that one.

oh, and just in case david started thinking i was too classy, i snuck our last roll into my purse to enjoy later on. i felt embarrassed asking for a doggy bag on a complimentary dinner roll, but it was so good, i couldn't leave it behind! yikes. he can't take me anywhere. ;)


  1. ohhh you guys are so cute!! it's so good that you're taking these last few days to enjoy being a twosome and reflect on all the great times and adventures that you've had together before starting your family. the future is going to be just as awesome i'm sure... but different :) so exciting!!
    xo meg

  2. Where is this place? We need something to look forward to when we get a babysitter!

    1. it's the cellar in idaho falls--SO good! highly recommended!

  3. ok well some one is super hot. i love ur shoes!!!! u look so pretty!! im leaving for rexburg thursday! i cant wait to see you ive missed u!!!!

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