driving in

moccasins/flannel: target; jeans: wet seal
our saturday was most excellent.
david spent his afternoon working on his motorcycle, and while junior napped and i had the apartment to myself...
i made myself a fancy lunch tray and watched the cutting edge on netflix in bed. i LOVED that movie in the early 90's and it turns out it's still pretty great. probably in my top 5 best ways to spend an afternoon.

then we had a big date night. we loaded junior up into the car and went to a drive-in movie...which turned out to be the perfect date with a baby. he fell asleep on the drive there, slept through half the movie, and when he woke up i was able to change his diaper (huge blowout, naturally) in my lap and nurse him in the privacy of our own car without missing out on the show. i was so cozy with my seat kicked back, feet up on the dash, and favorite little guy snuggled close.


  1. There is still such a thing as drive-in? Awesome! Oh and I loved the Cutting Edge back in the day! "Tooooepick!"

    Your outfit is so cute! I love your red jeans!

  2. We took Aubryn to the drive-in when she was just a few weeks old and it was perfect! We're hoping to try it again this summer, but aren't sure if it will pan out quite as nicely now that she's getting older. We'll keep our fingers crossed. ;)

  3. That sounds perfectly perfect. Do the jeans fit well?! They look like it!

    1. they were not buttoned...but they went over my butt, so for now i'm considering that a success! haha. we have to have a double date drive-in night this summer!

  4. That does sound like a wonderful weekend! And I love this outfit - what great pants, such a bright red! :)

  5. A drive-in! That sounds like so much fun! I wish there were more of those.


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