loafers: c/o wanted; maxi: old navy; undershirt: c/o halftee; sweater: wholesale-dress

i got my hair did!
i'd been trying to wait until as close to junior's arrival as possible so i'll look spiffy when i met him. the time finally came to get my white trash roots touched up and man...it feels good. i mean, i don't want my son to see me for the first time and roll his eyes at how nasty my hair is, you know?

david and i celebrated easter this weekend! we were so excited to have a holiday all about new life right before we welcome new life into our own family. very cool.
i got surprised me with a bouquet of lilies (my favorite), chocolates from the fancy little sweet shop in our town, and a cute little note. the man knows what he's doing.
i made david a little easter basket with barbecuing goodies and a couple new shirts because i thought he might enjoy that a more than flowers and candy (he can't really eat much candy anyways, allergies and all)...although i did include a box of these babies. we are loving snickerdoodles right now, and super walmart has them on the cheap, thank goodness.

the rest of our day was spent at church, napping, hanging out with our doula, and snacking. we do holidays big around here! just kidding...i totally forgot to get groceries for a fancy dinner so we had an "eat whatever" night. growing up my mom called those "yoyo" or "musko" nights--"your on your own" or everything in the fridge "musko" (must go--get it?). maybe next year we'll have a fancy dinner...except probably never an easter ham.
i don't do ham. yeugh.


  1. That's funny! Yoyo dinners! I may adopt that saying.

    Love your new hair!

  2. you're still pregnant! and still looking fabulous! when will that bebe come out?!

  3. You look great! That's a way cute outfit. Hope the baby comes soon, for your sake! :)

  4. We had those "you're on your own" nights as well. They were always like a scavenger hunt to me.


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