friday miscellaneous

**i'm on maternity blog leave! i've scheduled a couple posts to keep my little blog home alive in my absence. this is one of them. enjoy!**
i always see people do friday link-up posts, and i don't usually join in...i just never think i have anything to share that you haven't seen 20 times before! i'll give it a try today, though, because...why not?
also, i'd be so excited if i directed you to one of my favorite blogs and you discovered a new favorite! blogging can bring people together in the most excellent way.

a soul sister of mine is opening an etsy shop filled with clever onesises...i love them!
i love this post by lacie. she's honest, hilarious AND the most gorgeous pregnant lady there ever was.
i desperately want one of these caps for junior!
i use this oil face cleansing method and love it.
four seasons in rome is filled with some of my very favorite prose. breathtaking.
mr. sedaris never runs out of good material, does he?
i went to high school with francesca and her style blog is seriously fabulous.
this soap smells incredible...and it's super cheap ($5). i also love this vegan stuff ($7).
baby simon kills me. he's that cute in real life, you guys, and his momma is the coolest chick i know.

img here

have an awesome weekend, everyone!


  1. Ha ha! Love the last pic...totally funny. Happy weekend!

  2. That flight of the conchords image - HILARIOUS. haha I love them!

  3. hehehe loveya. also BUY that hat for junior. so ador.


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