gypsy lady

boots: momma's; jeans (m): motherhood; tee: gap; necklace: lucky brand; scarf: panache
i felt like a gypsy woman wearing this scarf.

david and i always give my mom a hard time because she's a foot/back/face zoner, an herbalist and a yoga teacher who uses almost no western medicine. sometimes i'll call her and tell her i need the gypsy cure for whatever's ailing me. or i poke fun at her for doing meditative whale calls and dancing in the moonlight (she doesn't really do whale calls when she meditates, just for the record). 

anyways, i really love my mom and i'm proud of how educated she is. it's just that in my family it's important that everyone feels loved, and we show that love by giving one another a hard time. trust me, it makes sense.

anyways, the other day at a doctor's appointment david started a statement with, "well, see, my wife was raised in san francisco by a hippie..."

and then i heard that statement replayed in my mind as i was tying this scarf around my head and wondering if it looked too bohemian. but then i signed onto facebook to see my mother's status proclaiming that she was proud to be a granola hippie.

i guess what i'm saying is that i'm okay with embracing that 50% of my blood that has dirt and essential oils running through it. it's good to be proud of your roots, right?


  1. LOVE this post! I grew up with a mother who is not from the US and couldn't afford health care growing up. She does oils and herbal remedies and I love it! We also tease her about being a witch doctor. We say it lovingly because when medicine doesn't work, she's always the person we turn to. I'm so grateful that I have these skills taught by my mother. How prepared we will be in case of an emergency, right? Thanks for the post! And if you ever want to share some of that awesome knowledge you have, I'd LOVE to hear it!

  2. My mom is similar. She does not like medicine at all and is always using tea etc when we need something. Love the look!

  3. I can't believe Junior is still in there... I'm so expecting a tweet or something saying he's arrived any day now!

  4. Hey my mom isn't from the US and tends to lean more towards more alternative medicines. I'm a firm believer in the wonders of modern medicine but it sure is nice to have someone to talk to about other options whenever I might need them.
    I always thought that I would be very different from my mom, but here I am a baby-wearing, co-sleeping, organic foodie...and I think I'm getting more granola by the day. :)
    I'm loving the head scarf look! I was just Pinning a bunch of head scarf ideas last night. How funny we were thinking along the same lines.


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