right now...
i stole this from darlene! it looked like fun and i'm still spending my days figuring out breastfeeding...which makes getting dressed very tricky. outfit posts will come back slowly, but in the meantime, there'll be a couple "other" posts around here. hope you don't mind!

i am  brandilyn marie haynes, wife and new momma
i think i am the luckiest.
i am happy when i'm on a horse, doing yoga, writing, snowboarding...or with my family.
i have too many pairs of shoes.
i miss being in school.
i fear being buried alive and snakes.
i feel hot flashes.
i smell potatoes on the stove. and cookies (nacho reference).
i usually cry a lot these days.
i search for good, easy dairy/gluten-free recipes, a nearly impossible quest.
i wonder where we'll be in a couple months.
i regret cutting my bangs...they'd be all grown out by now!
i love dr. pepper...and i can't ever have it.
i care about animals.
i tell david everything (especially when someone says, "you can't tell anyone, not even david!").
i worry about my son all the time now.
couldn't help myself :)
i am not that cool.
i remember summers on the lake with my family every time the weather turns nice.
i believe that my family is forever.
i sing to junior, and only to junior.
i don’t always floss.
i don’t like temperatures over 90.
i write because it's good for my brain health.
i win games of bananagrams.
i lose a lot of weight these days.
i dance only when cheeseburger in paradise is playing and only for david.
i wish we could have this meal every night:
(grilled steak [portobello mushrooms for the non-meaties], grilled asparagus and peppers, oven-baked potatoes with sesame oil, and a ginormous salad, eaten when my parents were in town. it was the best.)
i never ever ever like to hear hunting stories.
i listen to david sr. fly his remote control helicopter around the apartment every evening.
i don't understand blog haterz. don't read, suckas!
i can usually be found in my creaky, wonderful rocking chair.
i need to do laundry (every day).
i forget where i put my plastic flamingo's seasonal costumes, and it's driving me crazy that he's still santa and has skipped both his leprachaun and easter bunny outfits.


  1. Love the pic of junior. And getting to know you better thru this post! Hope you're doing well. I miss Rexburg.

  2. Ah I love this. May have to steal it for my new bloggy. Congrats new mama.

    A Refreshed Take Off

  3. Your little wonder is perfection wrapped up in a blanket! I'm so happy for you! Hope you're recovering well and that the birthing experience was good for you! :)

  4. I'm so glad you included a sweet little photo of your sweet little baby!

    And I love what you are listening to. ;) That'll make my David happy that his gift is being enjoyed!

  5. He is gorgeous! Congratulations! This post was so cute :)


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