junior's corner

we live in a one-bedroom apartment (in a 100 year old building--yay for ancient fixtures!), which meant no nursery. this caused me initial panic, but eventually i was okay with it. really, do babies need a whole room to themselves before they can play on their own? sure, it's nice, but definitely not necessary.

here's a little tour of what we did with very limited space...
a corner of our living room became junior's corner.
...and the space below our television became his dresser with a couple of labeled baskets.
we bought the cradle via craigslist, although right now it's more of a storage thing since we're co-sleeping for the time being. instead of an expensive changing table, we toss a receiving blanket on the floor when it comes time for dipe changes...it works great!
my rocking chair is a hand-me-down from my mom. she rocked all of her kids in it and i'm excited to do the same. i love sitting next to an open window and nursing my little guy.
my sister made junior this bulletin board! i love it. the squirrel painting is done by my grandmother and i think it's so sweet. the teddy bear is from when david was born on an air force base. there were three little boys all born on the same day, so they all got these teddy bears (the "TFS" stands for tactical fighter squadron...pretty cool, right?). i like that it's in our son's space now. and the plates are another hand-me-down from my parent's house; they have lots of animals painted on them and remind me of home.

so that's our kid's space! i love that it has lots of bits and pieces from family members who love him and us so much. this corner is my favorite little space in our home.


  1. perfect, bran! you did a great job :)

  2. This turned out cute! When my daughter was born we lived in a one bedroom too (and now almost a year later we still do, boo for expensive CA) and I was so bummed that I didn't get to do a nursery. I ended up doing something similar, except in the corner of our bedroom.

  3. Love his little corner. It's definitely gonna make your family bond all the closer.

    A Refreshed Take Off

  4. I love what you've done! You are a great example of living simply, and I admire you for it. And no, I'm not using "simply" as a backhanded compliment--I really do admire people who live within their means and work with what they have. We are a spoiled nation and the amount of space and stuff we think we need versus what we actually need is ridiculous. Junior is loved and safe--that's the most important thing! I hope this comment is coming across the right way and I don't sounds like a jerk!

  5. Wow Jennifer is a real jerk. haha just kidding

  6. This entry reminds me of this: http://anniereviewsmovies.blogspot.com/2012/03/four-steps-away.html

    This is the blog of an old friend from my very early days at BYU-I. She and her husband are now living in New York, and the arrival of their baby put her in a similar situation.

  7. so cute! i love that you didn't go crazy and spend hundreds of dollars on baby stuff, but you got stuff that was meaningful and perfect for your space instead. it looks wonderful!

  8. What an adorable space!

    I love that your mom gave you the rocker she used with her kids. That is just sweet enough for me to want to cry over it.

    That tiny little cradle is also sweet enough to make me cry!

  9. I'm so happy for you! I think there's so many people that feel like the baby needs a nursery and a designer crib and diaper bag and everything to be taken care of. And really, they don't need a whole lot. Seriously, I'm impressed with what you've done with the place! :) nice work! We are probably going to have a baby in our 1BR 600 sq feet apartment too! :)

  10. I absolutely love your set up!!! I so love the less is more approach, with 3 childrern of my own!!!! I agree with Alexis,and I have used that approach to decorate with all of my children.The memory board is adorable and my favorite part of your space :)


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