orange hipster boys

boots: thrifted; skirt: kosher casual; top: h&m; cardi: target; necklace: panache
this skirt was heaven sent, i swear.
bottoms have been impossible during pregnancy. it just doesn't make sense to buy a whole new wardrobe for such a short amount of time in life! needless to say, i can't tell you how excited i was when this skirt came in the mail a few days ago...something new AND comfortable?! YES! it's soft and stretchy and will be totally wearable post-pregnancy, too.

so, someone clue me in.
lately we have had a huge influx of tanners. this is not abnormal for the springtime (although it confuses me that people come inside to a tanning bed right when the sun is coming out). the different thing this year, though, is the number of hipster skater boys coming in to tan. you would think they would be opposed to something as mainstream as tanning, but nope, they love it.

one guy who isn't tanning?
Photobucket mine.
he's busy buying motorcycles and taking outfit pictures for me and wearing his old man flannel.
and he is pale and i like it.


  1. Haha! Maybe they are addicted to the endorphin rush they getting from tanning. I know I got addicted to it a few years ago when I went through a tanning phase. And I live in freakin SoCal where the sun is shining 360 days a year. But seriously it was easier for my to pop over to the tanning salon for a 20 minute session on my lunch break than it would be for me to try to lay out in the sun every day.

  2. Weird cause I'm the type that tries to hide from the sun. And I thought dudes stopped tanning back in the 90's---lol!

  3. For some reason, when I picture hipster skater guys, I think skinny and pale. Intterrressstttinnngggg. Chris has olive skin and our little girl got his skin tone and they both get brown in a day. Gotta say, I get jealous from time to time but I'm learning to love my rosy complexion. It's better than skin cancer!

    1. i'm with you on that one, julia! i'm pale pale pale. if i'm out in the sun for any amount of time, i sunburn and then go back to pale. i'm so ok with it though! definitely not worth skin cancer.

  4. Not a fan of the tanning...I am crazy about my skin and avoid any possible sun damage. I am running from wrinkles for as long as I can! And when my Mr. Harris is sporting his plaid and on his bike, I'm a happy girl too!

  5. That grosses me out. It's one thing for a girl to tan but cleaning a bed after a guy? Heeby. Jeebies.


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