taking care of business

boots: thrifted; leggings (m): old navy; dress/cardi: panache
just about ready to pop, don'cha know
kate took these outfit pictures! kate's a pro. she takes pictures and reads blogs, so i didn't feel like a narcissistic weirdo whipping out my camera in front of kmart and asking her to snap a bunch of pictures of me (even though that is kind of a narcissistic weirdo thing to do).
then we went into kmart and each bought two pairs of shoes. two! from the kmart! they were a.) surprisingly cute, and b.) BOGO. i love a good BOGO, especially when it gets me patent nude flats for $7.50.

p.s. did you have an awesome april fool's day?
how many of your friends announced "engagements"/"pregnancies" on facebook?

p.p.s. i've been working on blog things...
there is now an official c&c facebook, a c&c bloglovin, and an advertising info page! just pretending i know what i'm doing :) i'm also on twitter, formspring, and pinterest.
and THAT...is a lot of websites for one person to be on. yikes.


  1. so cute, love the stripes.

  2. Ah! I LOVE the dress! Dang. I'm gonna have to come in and get one... :)

  3. You are the cutest. Can't wait to see how cute your precious baby boy will be. :)!

  4. lovely style and you are sooo cute =)


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