tonight's gonna be a

**i'm on maternity blog leave! i've scheduled a couple posts to keep my little blog home alive in my absence. this is one of them. enjoy!**
well, i've been a faithful picnik user for all my photo editing needs for a couple years now. i was a little sad when i found out they were shutting down TODAY...see, i'm not a fancy blogger. i don't have photoshop and wouldn't have the teeniest clue how to use it if i did have it (so why spend the $$?). i don't even think my cheapo walmart laptop could handle photoshop! i'm ok with it, though. i'm not a photographer or graphic designer; i'm just a weirdo with a fashion blog.

ANYWAYS...i spent a while looking around for something comparable to picnik and finally stumbled upon PicMonkey.com. so far, i think the monkey and i will be a good match.
we spent our first afternoon together playing with effects on pictures from my last evening alone before baby. i like effects. they're fun and make me feel like i have an ounce of the rad-factor that smartphone users have via instagram (yeah, not only do i have a cheapo laptop and no photoshop, i'm still using a dumbphone! aah! still be my friend even though i'm stuck in 2005?)

david headed to utah one night a little while ago to buy a dirt bike. he was nervous leaving me, being 9.5 months pregnant and all, but i was so excited for him to get that dirt bike i assured him i'd be just fine and urged him to go. it makes me happy when david does things that make him happy. and dirt bikes make him happy.
i spent my evening making myself a whole stack of these little guys. for reals, i sewed for about four hours straight, probably watched 10,000 episodes of parks & rec., and ended up with 10 sets of reusable nursing pads. for $5. BAM.
...i also built up a massive scrap fabric pile.
too bad i don't have a cat to crazy with all that scrap fabric business.
i also enjoyed all my favorite pregnancy cravings at once: brown minute rice cups, cheese sticks, apple juice, and enjoy life's snickerdoodles. i didn't have a single craving until the end of my third trimester...is that abnormal? i don't know. i've never been in a third trimester before.
and finally, i looked in the mirror and was like, "BIG MAMA IN THE HOUSE!"
i also marveled at how this skirt is my new favorite item of clothing and it's not even maternity. and how my belly button is a shape shifter depending on how breech little junior is pushing on it.
and i made sure my hair wasn't in this picture because i actually answered the door with it looking all bananas and probably scared the pizza delivery girl half to death.
so yeah, it was a pretty good night, even though david wasn't there to enjoy it with me.


  1. ohhh yay i'm a loyal picnik girl too and was so sad to hear they were shutting down and even more sad that i couldn't find something to replace it! i'm so happy you posted some similar!

  2. I was bummed when I found out about picnik too and went on an editing collage making rampage trying to get it all out of my system before they closed. I've heard of picmonkey, but I haven't checked it out yet. I'll have to give it a try. Sounds like a pretty good night to me too :)

  3. Oh thank you so much for posting about this! I seriously cannot do ANYTHING with photoshop, it so not user friendly. I've always used Picnik and was so bummed they were shutting down.
    Sounds like you had a fun night!

  4. I use pixlr.com and photobucket. Works pretty well :D


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