baby mama

tee: little treetops; jeans: buckle; sandals: saltwater
junior's all, "whatever, whatever, i match my mom, whatchu gon' do about it?"
i got us matching tops for mother's day!
i know how cheesy it is...but how much longer will he let me dress him, let alone in matching outfits? i had to take advantage of this golden opportunity, especially on my very first mother's day with a little one, and especially when i saw this irresistible combo in the little treetops etsy shop. i pressed "order" the minute i laid eyes on them.
i hope you had a happy mother's day!
i wanted to publicly say happy mother's day... 
to my own momma, who is bold and crazy and gorgeous.
to david's mom, who is kind and thoughtful and beautiful.
to all the other mamas out there, who i now realize sleep less and love more than i ever imagined.
to my friends who are praying to have little ones of their own, who remind me every day that motherhood really and truly is worth fighting for.
to birth moms and adoptive moms, who make the hardest choices and love unconditionally and create their family in the most selfless way.
i really hope you all had a blast yesterday!

i leave you with a close-up of my boy sleeping, because i honestly and truly cannot help it:
(look at his bananas hairline! the best part is that it's all long and curly in the back. also i accidentally bought diapers a size too big, so he has a droopy diaper bum. hilarious)


  1. Oh man that last picture almost killed me! What a cute kid! I can't WAIT to meet him!
    Also, you make Little Treetops look gooood. Can I put one of these pictures in our fb photo album? I mean, he's already in there but whatev' haha!

  2. happy mother's day! you've got every reason to be a proud mama with that cute little one! :)

  3. I miss my grandson. That's all I have to say about that!

  4. I think the matching shirts are a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!

  5. Happy late mothers day you tiny, long-haired lady. Love the matching tops, maybe I can get some for me and James ; )

  6. I love the matching shirts!! Seriously what a good idea :) And he is SOOOOO CUTEEEE!!!! If I saw him in real life I'd be tempted to pinch his cheeks and give him a big hug and pat his diaper bum. And as for you, I cannot believe how thin you are!


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