binkin' it

beware: mom blogger post commencing, 
because my brain is fried and my whole life is mom-ming right now. i'm cool with it.
heels/cardi: target; skirt: c/o kosher casual; top/belt: panache; necklace: nikki lorraine
this was my first sunday at church with a wee one!
we only made it to one hour...but honestly, that was a success for us. my schedule is totally out of wack  (hence the erratic posting as well) and i don't like junior being out and about too much just yet anyways.

in other news, i gave my kid a binkie (pacifier? paci? soothie? what do you call it?) about a week before the recommended time and cried like the new mom that i am. 
it's turned out to be the answer to a lot of our little nursing issues, though...and he loves it. loves it. behold:
it doesn't hurt that he looks freakin' adorable sucking on that thing and watching supercross with david sr.


  1. he is such a little cutie! noah has that same paci from the hospital. the nurses kept insisting on giving it to him, even though i was very much against it since my plan was to nurse. but it does seem to help a lot with him wanting to suck when he's not hungry. i'm glad church was successful for you, we've taken noah once and did well for most of the service, it makes you a little nervous though haha

  2. i like your mommy posts. and little david is RIDICULOUSLY cute with that giant pacifier in his mouth.

  3. We call it a binky! I'm always so surprised when babies go for that binky! I found it heavy and awkward and Brinley seriously choked in it the first time i gave it to her. We went with the Nuk brand and I loved it because I could attach a binky clip to it so it wouldn't plop on the floor every 3 seconds.

    Hope things are going well!!! The first month is so special. Enjoy it. Goes by too fast!

  4. Simon prefers the Soothies as well and it is SO CUTE seeing those large-ish binkies on those tiny faces.

  5. I DESPERATELY tried to give Georgia a pacifier, but it was impossible. The girl likes her thumb.

    I can't stop looking at pictures of junior.

  6. I love your blog. I think we should follow each other - http://amyklundt.blogspot.com/.

    Much Love.

  7. So cute! I always do pacifiers and I think they are lovely. My kids always are done with them at 2 and life goes on. The only time I didn't do it my son started stuffing his blanket in his mouth and ended up with teeth issues. No guilt!! How are you looking so cute and thin so soon after having this baby!!?? Impressed.


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