sandals: kmart; jeans: ae; top: panache; necklace: truly sarah
sunset on main street!
david and i do love wandering around our little town...and i apparently do not love ironing my blouses.
1. i do not own an ironing board, so any ironing i do occurs on my living room floor, which is not ideal, but one-bedroom apartments do not lend themselves well to storage for items like an ironing board. and 2. for some reason, saying "blouses" always makes me feel older than i am. also, there's this crazy lady who comes into the store who always calls them "blouses," so i have to say the word in her voice.

i do believe four weeks of erratic sleep is catching up with me. my brain may be a bit fried...


  1. Umm......for the record, I don't iron my blouses either! :D

  2. Own that ponytail! Work dat updo!

    To me, ironing is a 5-8 hour process that takes place while you wear the shirt ha ha. You look great by the way!

    P.S. Want to do a giveaway with that necklace?

    1. sarah, i would love to! you know i'm TS's #1 fan!!

  3. These pictures are so cool!


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