grey day

sandals: saltwater; dress: old navy clearance; cardi: panache
this outfit was perfect for a grey, gloomy day...except for the part where it started raining and the hem of my dress got soaked in the grocery store parking lot. woops.and the part where the 50-mile tie on the waist of this dress got caught in everything all day long.

since gloomy weather in my favorite, we celebrated by going on a chilly evening walk!
also i wanted to buy some dark chocolate to go with my blackberry sorbet...yumm.
look at joons all snuggled up in his footie pajamas and motorcycle cap from carrie!
when we came home, david found an episode of the simpsons on youtube, i watched the bachelorette (laaaame), and junior happily filled a diaper (or two). we were a very content trio.


  1. Love the stripes!

  2. Evening walks are the best! :) love your hat and how cozy you and your little one look. Discovered your blog via abcde today and couldn't help but follow, immediately :) nice to meet you! jess


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