island park + mesa falls

david's mom was here visiting last week, and on thursday we decided to take a drive up to beautiful island park! most everything was still closed for the winter, but we did manage to find a saloon to eat delicious burgers at. i nursed junior in the backseat of our car and then we took off for a little sightseeing at mesa falls!
we love idaho
david and e-mommy
loving our moby wrap at upper mesa falls
mr. big blue eyes snuggled up in his car seat


  1. his blue eyes are beautiful!! such a precious baby :)

  2. Such cute pictures! Love his precious eyes! Happy Monday xxx

  3. I LOVE MESA FALLS. If I could live there, I would. And his eyes are stunning!

  4. what a gorgeous guy! those first few trips out of the house are so refreshing!

  5. Gosh he has huge beautiful eyes! So cute!

  6. omg your mother in law is in my ward in Georgia..... small world.


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