flats: c/o wanted shoes; pants/tank: panache; cardi: h&m
i meant to put this up early this morning, but instead of writing a blog post last night, i laid in bed with david and watched an episode of the office. and, not only was i too sleepy to type, i was almost too sleepy to put my half-eaten pint of blackberry cabernet sorbet back in the freezer...which would have made for an even bigger mess at 3am, when i was awake changing our sheets due to a well-aimed spit up from junior.
he made up for it in sheer preciousness this morning, though:
he was so cute i couldn't bring myself to get out of bed after our family nap...which meant that when my friend megan stopped by at like 1:00, i received her company in my underpants.
don't worry, i'll make up for my morning of sloth by doing big things today!
...after i cuddle this baby softness for maybe just 5 more minutes...


  1. Cute outfit! I am loving your perm, wish my hair would do that!

    1. thank you! mine wouldn't either, but the perm forced it! haha

  2. OMG!!! order some more of those pants!! you look faboo. i want thoseeeeeeee

  3. awwww, enjoy this part of life...it goes by quickly. My oldest, a boy, just turned 5 and I can't believe how quickly it went...I wish I could lay with him and be a sloth for a day...but he's not into that anymore :(

  4. Great outfit - love the red pants rolled up a turn with the striped top! Also, you're rocking the wavy hair! :)

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