flats: payless; jeans: old navy; tee: panache; cardi: target

i wore this on a date with my davids!
we went to the big city (ha--idaho falls) to check out the shops at target and to squeeze in some quality time before david sr. had to leave for florida on business. that's right, he left me for FIVE days. FIVE! you'd better believe his phone has been bombarded with pictures of junior since he left. luckily my sister got into town yesterday to hang out with little joons (what "junior" has been shortened to lately) and i this week! i'm pretty excited. our agenda: relax and chat. luckily i am very good at both of those things.

i went to church on my lonesome on sunday. i gave myself a solid 90 minutes to get ready--it used to take about 20, but babies change things--and was so proud when i was ready to walk out the door on time.
i finished putting junior's clothes on, and as i picked him up to put him in his stroller...he spit up. on both of us. go figure, right?


  1. That color is phenomenal on you gorgeous momma! Can't wait to see you!!

  2. You are looking fabulous, you hot mama!

  3. you look amazing! our first trip out of the house with noah was to the pediatrician, i gave myself extra time to get us both ready and was so, so happy to actually leave the house on time! it's the little things right? haha

  4. HOT MAMACITA!!!!! ur making me want that shirt

  5. It takes me about 2 hours to get ready in the morning - ahem, me *and Simon*. Because every ten minutes I'm rushing over to help him with something, or just give him love. And by "in the morning" I don't mean every morning - I only shower about once every 3 days now. Regular mornings still take about half an hour . . . we're working on it.

    Blah blah blah, me me me - let me get to my point: red looks GREAT on you.

  6. I live in the miami area, and I have a rush with my clothes, b'cuz the weather is so hot here, and I don't like wear In layer for that!

    I don't know what can I wear..... I'm freaking out!!!!

  7. You look great in that color!


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