any way you want it

i walked my joony in circles around our church building in those heels. you can't tell from that picture, but they've got some height, and i don't have much in the way of grace. i don't know how the majority of fashion bloggers i follow wander around in heels every day, but i am unable to join them in leggy bliss. i'm a regular rebel in the world of fashion blogging, you guys (no i'm not). anyways, it's almost a miracle that i didn't twist an ankle and drop mr. joons on his head. the important thing is that i kept walking, the main quality junior looks for in a mom. he has an internal radar that alerts him from even the deepest of sleeps if my derriere so much as grazes the couch. he knows what he wants, that jooner, and he's not afraid to ask for it. i like that in a man.


  1. you totally rocked those shoes! You looked so adorable on Sunday.

  2. what the freak!! i want that skirt... u have a billion skirts


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