some years i have a hard time deciding what's better, a birthday or a goof off day.
on your goof off day, you get to do any crazy thing you want because it's your last day being that age. today is my last day being twenty-two, because tomorrow i turn twenty-three!
i'll miss twenty-two! it's the age that i kicked off with a college graduation and third wedding anniversary, and i'm finishing it with mr. joons in my arms. i've had entirely too much fun this last year. twenty-three sounds so young when i say it (especially considering i've got a husband, a degree, a business, and a baby...whoa!), but then i feel like time has come and gone so quickly when i consider that i was eighteen when i met and started dating david.

anyways, because i get to do whatever i want today...
the portion of my post where i blog a collage of my favorite baby pictures:
can't wait to spend my weekend cuddling my new birthday kitten!
(just kidding, slash hopefully NOT kidding...)


  1. LOLOLOL!!!! just looked at ur 20th bday post and that pic is hilarioussssssss!!! hahahaha

  2. Wow can't believe you're only turning 23! You've achieved so much! Haha love the idea of a goof off day, enjoy :)

    Life Etc

  3. A Goof Off Day sounds like a great I idea. I may just have to adopt it.


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