high five

sandals/cardi: target; belt: panache; dress: c/o downeast outfitters; earrings: truly sarah

five things:

1. rach had these sandals while she was out visiting us and i love, love, loved them...so finally i just got myself a pair! rachel is a classy lady and i desperately want to be like her.

2. i really love this watch and will probably end up getting it soon as well, it's just that cool.

3. i made a dave-friendly version of these s'mores bars (gluten-free flour and grahams, dairy-free butter and chocolate) last night and they turned out sooo good. +1 for our stomachs.

4. nothing - NOTHING - feels as good as washing my feet in the bathtub after a day in sandals and then crawling into bed. aah.

5. also last night, david and i drove around the areas surrounding rexburg while junior napped in the back seat. while out and about, we saw a mama cat herding three little kittens across the street! they were so small and fuzzy and curious, it about did me in.

...and that's about it. i just finished up joony's fussy time for the evening and my brain's feeling a bit fried. homeboy was a trooper for an entire day of errands, cooking, and a family drive, but by the time we got home for the night, he was fighting sleep (why do they do that? just give in to it, my man! your eyelids are drooping!) and sad. he's finally settled down and i'm excited to go cuddle up with him and drift off (knock on wood, amiright?).


  1. Aw, this outfit is absolutely perfect! I love it! (especially the color of your dress)


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