i do not like that hat.

sandals: saltwater; jeans: gap; top: panache; hat: target
i was thinking about retitling my blog, "how to wear saltwaters all summer long, with every single thing you own," except the URL's taken*. so i guess i'll stick with cats & cardigans.

i went shopping with kate the other night. while at target, i tried on this hat and she said, "that's cute!"
so i bought it. seriously, that's how easy it is to convince me that items at target are a wardrobe necessity. i'm still not convinced i can pull off the hat thing, but it was definitely nice to cover up some crazy bed head! also my eyes disappear when i smile, and that's all i have to say about these photos.

if you're curious about what an average night for me might look like these days, it's this:
bouncing a sleepy mr. joons on my birth ball while i watch sleepless in seattle (for the first time!).
homeboy loves to be held and bounced, and the two combined with his race car jammies...he was out.

*statement not based in fact
p.s. the title of this post comes from a children's book that my family used to love.


  1. i do like the hat.

    and you've never seen sleepless in seattle before that night..

    have you seen you've got mail? or joe vs. the volcano..


    and Jr. is cute.. I just wanted to tell you that!

    1. i haven't seen you've got mail in years, and i've never seen joe vs the volcano! sounds like i need to head to the video rental store ;) and thank you!

  2. love this outfitttt!!!! you look so pretty!! need to wear that hat more often its cute

  3. Hope your birthday was great! Haha I have a love-hate relationship with hats too! :)

    Life Etc

  4. I stand by my previous statement.

  5. You hadn't seen Sleepless in Seattle before? Did you love it??! I watched it the other day for like the fourth time!


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