on humanity

sneaks: kmart; pants: ae; top: panache; bandana: david's

this is one of those outfits that doesn't feel that blog-worthy to me...but i wore it! so here it is.
i only wore this for a walk to the grocery store with joony, so it was cozy and cool.

i walk around downtown rexburg a lot. jooner likes his stroller and i like getting outside for a while every day. i got a bit pissed off* the other day, though, when no one would stop for me in the crosswalk. TWO different times i had cars fly into the crosswalk when i was already halfway through. i mean, it's cool if you want to run me down, but the baby in the stroller?! maaaan. seriously.

my faith in humanity was restored, though, when i was situating all my groceries (and my crying baby) into the stroller for my walk back home and a teenage boy stopped and said, "ma'am, do you need a hand?" what a nice kid. i hope his parents know they're doing a good job.  also, i'm old enough to be referred to as "ma'am" now. goodness gracious.

*my brother always used to say, "it's better than being pissed on, though, right?" clever guy.


  1. it's not that you're old enough to be a ma'am... it's the obvious grown-up things you're doing. like grocery shopping. and having a baby in your possession :)

  2. Man, I hate that! I don't care if a car wants to hit me, but let's practice some patience when there is an infant thrown in. And the grocery store by yourself with a baby can be its own kind of torture. Thank goodness for helpful young men!


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