one being concussed and the baby-sitter's club

sperry topsiders; orange jeans: wet seal; tee: target men's; cardi: panache
literally 25 seconds before we took these pictures, i slammed my head hard into the door behind me.
i was walking and looking toward the street, my neighbor was coming out the door...bam.
initially it honestly didn't hurt. i was all, "no, i'm cool, barely hit my head!" and they said, "it looked like your head hit kind of hard..." i really think my embarrassment blocked the initial pain.
so then i walked to kmart to get a sun-blocking curtain liner.
i squatted down to look at a bottom shelf, and when i stood up...i saw stars. and the room maybe spun just a little bit. and my head started pounding. yee-ow. turns out i really did give my head a good whallop.
i think i may have been a bit concussed, but a few days later i'm feeling okay...so that's good.

ANYways, my bestie rach is here until tomorrow! we've been having the best time.
i keep joking that she came all the way from north carolina because, "i'm worth the trip!" and she keeps correcting me, "er, junior's worth the trip..." this is what happens when you have a really cute kid. nobody wants to see you, the parents, any more. they just want to cuddle your baby and squeeze his little chunky man thighs.

we did realize, though, that we could both still sing the entire theme song from the baby-sitter's club movie*.
so this happened. on VHS. BAM.
*say hello to your friends - baby-sitter's club!
say hello to the peeeeeeople who care. nothing's better than friends - baby-sitter's club!
'cause you know that your friends are always theeeeere...
(i'm so happy if you just sang along in your head)


  1. I probably still could recite all the lines to that movie! bahaha!

  2. read all the books (several times!) and owned most of them, but only watched the movie once or twice :( maybe i need to re-visit it! glad you're feeling better :)

  3. totally sang the song in my head. Also, I have been craving to watch that movie for like, the last month and no one understands!

  4. I LOVED those books as a kid, but not so much the movies. My husband bought me the first book in the series for my birthday this year, I was completely stoked!

  5. Totally sung along in my head.
    Love your casual outfit. I wish it was chilly enough to wear a cardigan here in New Mexico.

  6. oh, babysitter's club!! :)

  7. I don't remember the song from the movie, but I had practically ALL of the books -- and loved them.

  8. I used to be crazy about that movie!
    Loved the Babysitters club. Cool casual look. You've got the casual look down to a T.( no pun intended)

  9. Hey Brandilyn, you have amazing style and you're so pretty! If you were in my city, I'd definitely check out your store!


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