park it.

boots: madewell; skirt: modcloth; button-up: panache
good thing i had some extra outfit pictures because seriously, yesterday i was in my underwear until about 4:00 with the previous day's make up smudged under my eyes. embarrassing, but i'm here to record the truth! being a momma is hard and rewarding and exhausting and exhilarating  and so, so much fun...it is a thousand things, but it is not glamorous.

moving on...we've been loving the gorgeous idaho summer weather! i go on a walk every day with the jooner, sometimes more. usually i pack his 12-pound (homeboy's nearly doubled his birth weight in 9 weeks, ohmygosh) bum into the moby and carry him around, but the other day i loaded up the stroller with everything we'd need for a nice little picnic lunch.
we nearly had the park to ourselves, and i got to read my book and eat a sandwich while my little one napped in his favorite hoodie from auntie rachel. have i mentioned how much i love living in a small town? because i really love living in a small town.


  1. I love living in this small town too! Love the outfit.

  2. small towns are the best kept secret!


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