a time for tacos

heels: target; skirt: f21; belt: panache; cardi: nordstrom

what was the most important thing we did while rach was visiting?
duh, taco bus.
carne asada tacos, made in a bus and served with jarritos, are a staple in our diet and we were excited to show rachel why. a breezy evening only added to the meal's perfection.
honestly, look at these beauties:
a good time was had by all, even junior (who recently decided that a car seat is the worst of all the seats a baby could be seated in, and who also has a second chin coming in strong, and who is really quite taken with his auntie rach).


  1. love the heels and the way you paired colors in this outfit.

  2. Your boobs look awesome. (Can I say that here?)

    1. i'm feeding a growing boy! LOL. boob talk is welcome on this here blog!

  3. yay for double chins! noah recently acquired one as well! hehe

  4. Such a pretty outfit! Love the high-waisted floral skirt. And junior is just getting cuter! :)

    Life Etc

  5. Your boobs look amazing. I want to have a kid.

    (Ha ha...I just noticed that Kate made the EXACT SAME COMMENT. I'm leaving it here.)


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