the warmest river

where: warm river, idaho
who: me + the davids
when: monday night
what: it was too hot in our apartment, so we headed out the door and up the road to higher altitudes
why: massive fish jump out of the water when you toss them bread
dilemma: they didn't like our gluten-free bread
solution: they did like the cheetos some other people had, so we still got to see big fish
david + brandilyn reaction: gorgeous river, perfect weather, good company
joony reaction: boobies > everything else


  1. My twisted sense of humor thought for a split second that this series of pictures meant you threw joons in a river. But then the reasonable part of me was like, what? No.

    Also, I like that Joons is still honest about his preference for boobies.

    1. that joons is a boob man through and through, and he's not ashamed to admit it! always awkward, though, when someone other than me holds him and his hand goes right down their shirt. woops.

      and i did not even consider that the series of pictures would look like that, but it totally does! hilarious.

  2. omg you look SOOO pretty!!! ur hair is all bleach blonde beach wave and i like that sweater on you!! u better watch out when joons gets older and his friend think ur a milf. that is innapropes

  3. also why u no putting where u got ur clothes anymore??!! trying to keeps it a secret from us... i see how it is

    1. your comments are always the most hilarious!! haha i didn't think anyone cared!! okaaay i'll start doing it again. jeans are ae, tank is panache, cardi and sandals are target, baby is mah womb. come borrow from my closet anytime, megsie!

  4. You make me so excited for baby time!!! Can I just borrow yours until mine gets here? You are the cutest momma! And that has got to be a professional baby. He's too perfect!

  5. I love Warm River! You're making me miss the Ashton/IP area again. And I agree -- you should still post where you get your cute clothes! :)

  6. love pairing stripes and polka dots together! and look how teeny that little babe is! i forget that babes can be so little!

    Los Schoenys


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