these days

boots: madewell; dress: target (2/3 years ago?); cardi: thrifted; belt: leftover from horse show days; earrings: truly sarah

i feel like this outfit is pretty standard brandilyn-wear. boots, belt, cardigan, green. it's comfortable for me. my momma got me this dress a few years ago, and i rediscovered it while sorting out my closet the other day! it's summery and has easy access for nursing, so win-win for this season in my life.
these days:
-beach boys songs for joonybug. he's especially fond of "surfin USA."
-sourdough toast. all. the. time.
-making little booties for little feet:
-cool evening walks to get temperatures down before bedtime in our sauna apartment
-books, books, books

-baking cookies for missionary packages:
-and sweating in our apartment. no AC, temps in the 90s...jeepers. we're melting over here.


  1. Those missionaries are going to praise your name to the heavens!

  2. Yeah, that's the thing about living in an old building above ground level with no AC. We're feeling it too. I think that brick buildings function like OVENS in the summer.

    We've found that our apartment stays coolest when we leave the windows open, but the curtains closed. No light is lame-o, but on hot hot hot days, it's a blessing. Then curtains open at bedtime to let all that cool air permeate the apartment.

    Oh, and Otter Pops. $2 off at Broulims right now.

  3. Very cute!!! I love how the little belt just tied the who outfit together. :)
    House of Tong


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