branswers: if someone you love travels a lot...

from time to time, david leaves on business trips. he's usually only gone for a couple days, but i really miss him while he's away. i always try to send him off with a little note or treat (or both!) for every day he's gone.

last week, he was in new mexico from thursday afternoon until saturday night. here's what i sent him off with...
i got a pill box with AM/PM compartments for every day of the week.
i wrote him little notes on strips of paper, then rolled them up and put them in the compartments corresponding with the days he'd be gone. since i was using less than half of my pill box, i filled the rest of the compartments with chocolate chips, then left instructions on the back of each note to "eat the chocolate in the Mon AM slot!"  i used enjoy life mega chunk chocolate chips for my allergic-to-everything husband. if your husband can eat anything (lucky!), you can get a lot more creative with treats than i did and use anything that will fit in the little boxes...M&Ms, hot tamales, gumballs, whatever. you could also probably find cute little pill-sized trinkets, which i'll be brainstorming for his next trip!

this is nice because it barely takes up any room in david's carry-on, and it gives him a tangible little reminder every day that the jooner and i are thinking of him.
what would you put in a pillbox for someone you love?


  1. That is the sweetest idea ever! And I wish you had come with David to NM so you could have hung out with me!

  2. What a great idea! I would love to do this! Although I might substitute chocolate chips for jellybeans or something. My special someone is not a chocoholic (gasp!) your blog is beautiful and I especially like your comment disclaimer-note, SO true!

    perfectly priya

  3. You're a much better wife to a travling husband than I am. I should probably start taking some notes : )

  4. That is SO cute! Great idea!

  5. This is such an awesome idea, i LOVE it!!
    Love your blog, i'm your newest follower!



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