branswers: if you're a snacker...

i snack a whole lot. i just like snacks. i'm also (guiltily) a late-night snacker.
i probably like snacks better than big meals. no...i like the big meals, too. we'll just say i like food a whole lot. in any case, here's a branswer to the question, "what should i snack on?" ya'welcome.
white powerade slush. this is david's invention, and you're just going to have to trust us on it.
start with white cherry powerade. leave it in your freezer until it's frozen solid, then put it in the fridge and wait until it turns into slush. i don't know why, but the slush and the white cherry flavors...they just mix, you know? they make a beautiful drink-snack baby.
avocado toast, a la joanna (except no mashing for me, i like big chunks o' avo!)
multi-grain stacy's pita chips and athenos hummus. i could eat this until i puke (but i don't, that'd be gross).
fentiman's rose lemonade...this tastes like summer and love and, well, roses. it's pricey, but worth it for an occasional indulgence. i go bananas for this stuff.
freakin' grapes, man.
sweet snack! this is my quick, dairy- and gluten-free solution for when i just want chocolate cake (cupcakes, same thing) that i can share with david. the gluten-free betty crocker mixes are the best--we've also tried the cookies and the yellow cake. yum. (extra points if you want to feel like a super twee blogger-type and put them in a thrifted glass dome ;)
...and the ultimate snack champion, hands down, my most favorite thing ever...sourdough toast. if david hadn't already taken my hand in marriage, i would give it to sourdough toast. it's remarkable that i even held off eating this long enough to take a picture (i don't know how all you instagrammers who photograph every single thing you eat do it!).

happy eating!


  1. Did I have gluten free choco-chip cookies at your place?? I remember being floored how yummy they were!

  2. Pretty sure I have that glass dome's child sitting on my kitchen table right now. Did you get it at the thrift store on main street? I love it. And... how do you guys do gluten free? What have you had to change, what are your favorite products? What sucks the most about it? I really have no idea about the subject, but I've heard going gluten free makes you feel great.

    1. i got it at DI! fun find, right?! david has to be gluten-free out of necessity, but it's been going really well! we do udi's bread and hamburger buns, enjoy life cookies, ian's pizza (it has soy cheese), rice pasta, betty crocker cake/cookie mixes, and bob's red mill products up the wazoo! david doesn't miss out on anything. so many people are gluten-free these days that they're made a substitute for all his favorite foods, it's awesome. it's pricey, but still cheaper than a trip to the ER ;) let me know if you decide to try it out!

  3. Stacey's Parmesan Garlic Herb Pita Chips are lined with crack cocaine. I'm sure of it. I can offer no other explanation for my addiction. Sometime I'll dedicate and entire blog post to them. They are my favorite snack of all time.

  4. I had the normal Fentiman's lemonade, and it was terrible -- but I'm glad you like the rose lemonade! I mainly bought it for the rad bottle anyway.

  5. That sourdough bread from Broulims is THE BEST.

  6. Toasted sour dough with a teeny-tiny layer of mayo, avocados, S&P. Everyday, all day...ok, and into the night.

  7. Oh avocado! Is there anything more delicious?

    Some of the things I'm snacking on at the moment:
    - trail mix! Mixed up with anything I like. Dried apricots, yoghurt balls, edamame beans, etc!
    - fruit juice smoothies, with all the fibre!
    - Dried blueberries and goji berries.
    - baby spinach leaves. Okay, that seems a little weird. But they're kind of just like crisps. Really fresh crisps? ^^;

    Melissa @ Melicious


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