heels: target, skirt: c/o sugarlips; belt/top: panache; vest: buckle


loving: my new skirt from sugarlips! i got three compliments on it in the first 10 minutes i had it on, and only one was from david. skirt success right there.

reading: me talk pretty one day...again. whenever i don't know what to read, i go back and re-read my favorite essays (most especially "you can't kill the rooster." that one always has me laughing until literal tears come out of my face).

watching: grey's anatomy, as per kate's recommendation. i'm a little bit hooked, which makes me feel a little bit lame...but it's so intriguing! and i started at the beginning, so the big cell phones and slightly outdated clothing make me laugh.

anticipating: more, more, more barbecue this summer! i swear everything david grills turns to gold. steak, portobellos, asparagus...the man is the master of the grill. for sure.

listening to: musique pop de paris, a french pop cd my mom found in starbuck's and got me for my birthday. joons LOVES "le lion est mort ce soir" (the lion sleeps tonight) and does a big gummy grin every time i sing it to him.

planning: a baaaaby blessing for this guy:
(i'll take any excuse to include a picture of my homeboy)

working on: cooking better meals for david and i. when i don't plan, we end up eating crap (not literally).

wishing: we had AC. it was freaking hot last week. joony and i spent the majority of the weekend in our underwears.

post idea right here


  1. I love re-reading me talk pretty one day... my favorite is "Big Boy".

  2. I'm learning to cook all kinds of awesome things, and it's mostly because I made this menu board that I saw on pinterest. Clothespins glued to a board with the days of the week, and lots of little cards with meal ideas to pin. My favorite part is that each card has the needed ingredients for the meal on the back...so when you're making your grocery list for the week, you just flip the cards over. My enthusiasm for the project has translated into enthusiasm for making dinner. We're the same way...no plan = junk food. And/or spending way too much money by eating out.

  3. Oh no, you don't have AC? I'm so sorry, I've totally been there! I guess everyone says it builds character, and it does:) Cute outfit too, I'm so glad you got lots of compliments!

  4. Three things:

    First, your outfit is adorable and your pictures look fantastic.
    Second, "you can't kill the rooster" is my favorite too (did you see him read on the live showing of "this american life?" he was dressed like a clown. ha.)
    Third, that baby of yours is adorable. I grilled your mama on Sunday with questions about him.

    Happy Monday missy.

  5. OH MY FREAK!!!!! that is literally the cutest pic of joon ive EVER seen!! omg!!! hes SO SO SO CUTE!! i love bath time!!


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