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Loving: the lemon teasecake recipe my momma sent me! it has a millet-based filling that is so tasty, and it's healthy enough to eat for breakfast. we topped it with blueberries and all was good in our world.

Reading: shantaram - i'm having a hard time getting into it so far! i'm going to keep going, though, because i've heard such incredible reviews of it. i'm also like the 20th person in line at the library for bringing up bebe...someday i will read it.

Watching: not the olympics...we don't have tv, which makes twitter annoying right now because i'm so out of the loop. 

Thinking about: giving joonybug a bottle (expressed boobmilk, not formula) every once in a while. never done it before, don't really know how to go about it, still not sure if i even want to. i love nursing...it's probably my favorite part of being mom! anyways, any tips from those of you who have been there, done that?

Anticipating: august! it's going to be an awesome month. an anniversary, visits from the best people, a baby blessing. yes, yes, and yes. i swear july slipped right through my fingers.

Listening to: david's sitting next to me watching motocross videos on youtube, junior's snoring, our fan is whirring, and there's a huge dance party winding down on main street.

Working on: this here blog, a surprise for david, and meal planning for the week. the allergies we're working with in this home make finding good recipes quite the scavenger hunt. i also put a big ol' jewelry shipment out in the store and it felt goood.

we had air conditioner...which is probably repetitive, but i swear i never get a break from being uncomfortably hot. except for the 10 minutes i spend in to the grocery store every now and then.

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  1. I think you'll really like bringing up bebe. I put a hold in at the library before it came out so I'm pretty sure I was the first one to read it from my library. It's more of a cultural examination than a parenting book, but I found it helpful in a not-down-your-throat sort of way.

    Also, Liz is supposed to stop by and give you two onesies for Junior. Sorry I couldn't stop by again! It was crazy :)

    Miss you!

  2. we try to do one boobmilk bottle each day for little G. that way JJ gets some bonding time. (he got a tad bit jealous that i was the only one who could make her stop crying when she was hungry) plus it's kinda cool to see actually how much milk you can produce in one sitting. make Joon take breaks every couple minutes though, so he can digest. Gemma sucks the bottle down so fast that sometimes she spits the entire thing back up--gross and disturbing. breaks are a must! good luck :)

  3. I think giving him a bottle every once in a while will allow David to help... and when you and the hubby go out and leave joon with family/friends/a sitter, he will be used to a bottle every once in a while and therefore won't give whoever is watching him too much trouble while you're gone!

  4. I have given expressed breast milk and I pump to store for those moments when we go out and he needs to stay with a sitter (aka the grandparents, aunts and uncles) -- you can always ask me for tips or advice in that department.

  5. Love these posts and love that outfit - green pants and brown stripes go great together! :)

    Life etc

  6. I have an Avent manual pump from Wal-Mart. It's a nice pump (not that I've ever used any other type of pump). I had no idea how to even get started with it, but the pump came with sufficient instructions. (Pretty much just had to sit down and pump.) We bought it so we could go on a date when my in-laws were visiting. My son is six months old and has probably had less than five bottles. He does really well with them, I just don't mind nursing him. Having the pump is super nice now, though, since he is starting solids and I have to mix breast milk in with his food.

  7. I second that it is awesome to get to see daddy bond with baby while feeding a bottle. Sean loved being able to feed Bay. He had the biggest smile and made me take a picture the first time. I liked pumping and having frozen milk in case of an emergency or like others said a sitter.

    Only advice would be to do it when he is really hungry so that he wants that milk and is into "figuring out" how to get it since it's a little different then the boob :)


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