dirty biking

sandals: kmart; dress: shabby apple; sweater: h&m; belt: panache
joonbug and i went with david to the motocross track the other day! i have mixed feelings about dirt bike crowds. they are as follows:
1. i very much enjoy seeing david ride up after a good go-around on the track, like this:
sweaty, covered in dirt, 5 o'clock shadow. it makes high school brandilyn swoon.
2. i do not fit in with the fox wearing, rockstar chugging, cussing, spitting crowd, in my skinny jeans and sandals, wearing my baby. i usually get that up-and-down look from other motocross girlfriends that women tend to give each other, the one that says, "and what are you doing here?"

joony's feelings about the dirt bike track are not as mixed.
first he was all:
but then he was like:
...then he fell asleep. but really, joonerkins does like the motorcycles. i got a couple decent giggles when the motorcycles went thundering by.
then we got chicken burgers and drove home.


  1. LOVE navy and coral. You rock it girl!

  2. you look great! little mans onsie is too cute hehe

  3. This outfit is beautiful! You look great!

  4. Hi Brandilyn! Have I mentioned that I love the little buttons on your blog? So cute! Who's baby is this, where can I steal him from?!! He is a doll!

    I'm doing a little blog linky that I would love for you to join!! It's simple, just get your lover to do an outfit post and link it up! Here's some more info: boyfriend outfit post! I hope to see you!!

  5. first of all, this blog is one of my favorites ever. just so you know. second of all, your style is amazeballs. and you're hilarious. thirdly of all (is thirdly a word? I was an English major at BYU-I too and I don't even know...gah!)...your baby is the cutest. The End, and Amen.

  6. Your baby boy is so cute. I can't believe that we were JUST sitting in English class (it seems like...) haha. Aren't baby boys the best? Darling blog girlie!


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