contemplating nature

the grandest tetons
we went on a short little hike up by ashton the other day!
i am constantly amazed at what we've got going on right in our backyard as idahoans (idahites?). just a short drive up the road brought us to slightly lower temperatures, an easy hike (we haynes are not one for mountainous treks), and animal-watching. oh, and check out those tetons! not bad, mama earth. not bad at all. joony enjoyed the hike from his moby wrap, until he decided that it would be more fun to be up on david's shoulder. it's fun to take the little man out exploring with us, especially now that he's just starting to look around a little bit and notice what's going on. it's good to be parents, good to be outside in the summertime, and good to live in idaho. and that's all  i gotta say about that (forrest gump, anyone? ...anyone?).

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  1. How lovely. I love scrunchy baby faces over shoulders! :)


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