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sandals/chambray: target; skirt: panache
do not be fooled by the rain in this picture!
it is hot in rexburg. sweaty, sticky, stupid hot. it only rained for a couple minutes, which happened to line up with outfit picture time. anyways, weather talk, boring.

a list of things that make me sad:
-parenting philosophies that make me feel like i'm doing it all wrong
-feeling so tired i think i'll topple over
-people who are difficult to work with
-when nothing sounds good to eat
-being so hot i worry i will never be comfortable ever again
-not knowing what's next

a list of things that do not make me sad:
-a little one grinning at me (i'm doing all right)
-david rocking joony in the next room so i can grab 20 minutes of shut-eye
-people who are sweet and nice and communicate well
-nectarines and icy water
-a cool shower, an oscillating fan, and clean hair
-not knowing what's next


  1. Love the skirt. ANd I understand your heat/rain/ rexburg weather!

  2. ignore the other parenting philosophies. they're stupid. the brandilyn mom philosophy is perfect for the joonster.

  3. I totally get the whole "parenting philosophies" thing. After I had Jack, I was completely conviced that he would grow up to be a sociopath serial killer because I let him cry it out or I didn't nurse on demand.

    You're doing way better than you give yourself credit for and with a mom like you, Jooney can't go wrong!

  4. sams club... $99 window air conditioning! Saved my life!

  5. I know that this has nothing to do with your post. But last Saturday afternoon my friend and I were walking near Taco bell in Rexburg. My friend poked me and said "look at that guy, he's cute". I told her, he's married.
    (I'm like 100% sure that was your husband because he was on his motorcycle). Then, I began to tell her about your blog!:)

    1. ooh, this comment made me laugh! i'm sure it was him; david's always cruising around main street! i happen to agree with your friend ;) thanks for the sweet comment!

  6. every mom has opinions on how to parent -- and every book says something different. I figure, I'm my babies mama so I can research and then decide what I want to do for my baby... my mom's words of wisdom have been the best. Regarding parenting: "wing it and pray!"

    You're doing great!


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