poopsplosion: all tmi

sandals: saltwater; skirt: c/o sugarlips; tee: billabong
braid tutorial right here

my saturday afternoon in a nutshell:
david and i walked to the supermarket to pick up groceries for dinner (and some laffy taffy!), then stopped by the library on the way home so i could pick up a few books and you've got mail on VHS. everyone's been tweeting about it and nora ephron, so i just had to watch it again. of course, it was sweet and charming and cute and that joony napped through the whole thing.

please don't think my weekend was all hand-in-hand walks to the library and romantic comedies, though! oh, no. this weekend i also encountered, for the first time, the poopsplosion. the poopsplosion, friends, is what occurs when your sweet baby boy decides he should wait to poop until the very moment you lift his bum up to apply dipe rash cream. the poopsplosion results in poop all over you (well, all over me), the sheets, baby feet...just all over everything in general. in my case, it all happened at 6am when i was still half asleep and ended with me shouting at david, "don't you tell me to calm down! i have poops on my hands!" it happened again at 9am, at which point i just laughed and joony laughed along with me, delighted that i was impressed with him.


  1. hahahhahahahahahahaaaa!!!!!! (also, love LOVE that tee)

  2. i've had this happen several times and all you can really do is laugh or cry and well, laughing is much more fun! that tee is awesome too btw!

  3. Yuck. So sorry that happened. But you look cute! :)

  4. That sounds awful! Haha, oh the wonderful things I have to look forward too! I can't decide if that sounds worse or if pregnancy sickness sounds worse! But then there's a cute baby, so I think that wins!


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