sneakers: kmart; jeans: panache/cut into shorts; tee shirt: target clearance

a casual outfit and FRIZZball hair for a day of errands on my bicycle, taco bus picnic for dinner, and root beer floats with great friends! it's summer time, and summer time = no fuss outfits.

my friend ali did a rose, thorn, bud post on her blog over the weekend and i liked the idea, so here's mine! it also felt fitting considering the bachelorette finale i just finished on hulu...
(p.s., ali just started blogging her outfits and she is probably the cutest mom ever. jealous!)

-having a friend to go on morning walks with! being outside is good for my life.
-strawberry kefir, fresh raspberries, apple pie...all summertime fruit.
-the LIBRARY! it smells good and it's quiet and air conditioned and full of free books.
-gummy smiles and middle of the night nursing times...being mom is pretty sweet.

-i started the 30 day shred last night to kick my post-baby self into shape. it's worse than i thought.
-joonbug in 6 month clothes already. ::insert sobbing:: 
-photobucket and google chrome refusing to play like a team.

-our wedding anniversary is in just over a week, my bff shpitty's coming to town this week, and i get to see my parents and david's dad in a few weeks! all of these things are bonuses in life.

any roses/thorns/buds in yo life?


  1. This is such a cute idea! I'll give you one of each...
    Rose-sweet (also newly married) couple friends that came over last night and told me how to VERY easily get my Social Security changed. I was trying online and it was frustrating.

    Thorn-That I tried SS stuff online and paid $48 unnecessarily.

    Bud-visiting in-laws this weekend in the Panhandle and we get to go to a Corn Boil and a barn dance. Heck. yes.

  2. this is a great idea! also, your jeans are amazing! i want to try that!!

  3. Aww I LOVE this. So cute. You have the cutest little boy Brandilyn! I can tell you guys are such a happy little family. Happy anniversary soon! :)


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