the patriotic flamingo

i love the fourth of july because my flamingo gets to wear his uncle sam outfit, david gets a day off work, rexburg puts on a 5-minute firework show, and i'm making peach pie and sonic-style strawberry limeades. a good time should be had by all.

true story about my flamingo: i lost his bag full of seasonal outfits this time last year and i was all worked up about it. he didn't get to wear his witch halloween costume, his pilgrim suit, his santa claus hat, or his leprechaun get up. what a drag. then, a few weeks ago, i found that blessed bag of flamingo clothes!

that story was not nearly as climactic on my blog as it was in real life.
anyways, i hope all of my american readers have an awesome, patriotic day. and i hope that all of my non-american readers have a fantastic wednesday.


  1. love that flamingo! and happy to hear that you found his holiday clothes, can't wait to see more.

  2. love your blog. and i love that the flamingo wears clothes!!

  3. bahaha the flamingo! love it.


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