watermelon, and other rotten things

sandals: kmart; skirt/top: panache; cardi: nordstrom (2007?)
i felt like a watermelon in this get-up! that's not a bad thing to feel like in july, though.
i bought a 5 lb. tray of sliced watermelon on monday and it tasted funky on tuesday, which feels like a real rip off if you ask me. i'm pretty picky about food sell-by and eat-by dates. i won't touch anything that's past the date on the box, which drives david bananas. i also don't eat leftovers. they always look gross after sitting in the fridge for a couple days, or even just overnight. oh, and i've never had cold pizza.

so, there's a collection of facts you didn't know you didn't know about me. what a fun sexy time for you.*

*george michael bluth, anyone? ...anyone? yeah, i'm gonna need a leather jacket for when i'm on my hog and need to go into a controlled slide.


  1. the collar on that shirt is super cool.

  2. My husband ALWAYS says, "What a fun sexy time for you" when I'm telling a story. That and "Cool story Hansel" from Zoolander. Glad to know we're not the only ones...


    Also, I never eat leftovers either. Or at least rarely. Luckily, Jacob will eat anything, so that cancels out my extreme pickiness.

  4. by far my favorite george michael quote. i'm glad to see somebody else won't eat leftovers either. they never taste the same reheated!


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