cheesy sense

sandals: charlotte russe; dress: panache 2009; tee: walgreen's; necklace: truly sarah

i wore this outfit for a BIG DAY of making three a grilled cheese sandwich and cuddling a fussy baby. i also swapped out the tee shirt for a cardigan to run up to the temple while joony was napping...but it was closed for maintenance. of course.

i think that, like karen on mean girls, i have a fifth (er, sixth) sense. mine isn't about predicting the weather, though...i've got a sixth sense for grilled cheese. i just know when it's time to flip for a perfect golden brown. don't believe me? i had TWO perfectly golden sandwiches yesterday. if you ever come to my apartment (which i wouldn't recommend, it's stupidly hot here...although the company's not half bad!), i'll make you one. hope you don't mind veggie slices instead of cheese, though. not a single member of my household is down with the dairy right now.


  1. i can't go to taco bell, i'm on an all-carb diet! GOD KAREN you're so stupid!

    sorry. couldn't help myself.

  2. Oh, MAN! Now I'm craving a grilled cheese!

  3. hahahaha. OKay. You need to teach McKay and me how to flip a grilled cheese. After chuch on Saunday, we CRAVE grilled cheese and tomato soup all the time and we ALWAYS (like seriously every time, I think) burn the bread! McKay eats the really burnt ones...but we need to learn how to avoid that altogether.

  4. I just love this skirt! its so pretty! I tagged you in my blogger award. Please check it out if you care to (:

    Lizzy <3


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