demon squirrel

sandals: charlotte russe; skirt: f21; belt: shade; tee: walgreen's (random); bracelet: gift

on monday, i got some food from the grocery store and texted david to meet me at a local park for a quick picnic lunch. i got there before him and was just minding my own business, admiring my perfect sleeping baby, when a squirrel wanders up. i thought, "oh, cute, squirrel." then he wanders closer. i'm intrigued...squirrels aren't usually that friendly! and he's so cute!
 my intrigue quickly turned into trepidation, though. that sucker was out for blood (or something). he jumps up onto my picnic table and starts scooting closer to my stroller. all of a sudden cute woodland creature turned into rabid blood-thirsty rodent. i started shooing him away, but he wouldn't go! we started tangoing around the table. you'd think he would have left, but he didn't! and he seemed fascinated by the stroller.

once david arrived we moved to the other end of the park, and homeboy followed us! what a demon squirrel. i keep expecting to look out my window and see him crouched there, quivering, just waiting to tear through the screen with his little evil teeth and attack.

happy wednesday, everyone!


  1. Hi tiny waist, how are you???

    Maybe I just feel extra jealous because my waist is ummm non-existant right now!!!

  2. OMGoodness!The exact same thing happened to me today!! But it was a chicken that was going after me. LOVE the outfit. It looks super comfy. :D

  3. I have one of those. He lives in my backyard and tinkers around in the recycling. Little bastard!

  4. hahahaha that is hilarious! isn't it weird how threatened we feel by little things when it comes to our baby boys?! P.S. I lOVE your outfit here. Skirt- so cute!

  5. That midi skirt looks great on you! If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo



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