moccasins: minnetonka/mommed; jeans: ae; top: target clearance

kate and i went to idaho falls one afternoon and i asked her to snap some outfit pictures for me, which was problematic. not because kate takes bad pictures (quite the opposite - kate takes ahh-ma-zing pictures) or because she takes too few or too many pictures. the problem is that kate is funny and we talk so much that we can't even shut up for outfit pictures, so i end up with lots of outtakes like these:
which is apparently what i look like when i'm in the middle of a sentence. maybe that's why i'm such a terrible public speaker...my subconscious knows my face is contorting funhouse mirror style and it's like, "brandilyn, sit down. no one wants to see this (cue stuttering)."


  1. haha, ok now i know how you look when you're having a conversation!

  2. haha too cute. Work that stroller!


  3. Why Being A Working Mom Just Isn't For Me

    We got Jack some Minnetonka moccasins too and I can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit so he can rock 'em like you do!

  4. You still look beautiful when your talking! ;)


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