i hear the music when i look at you

sandals/courds: target; belt: ae; tee: walmart

haven't straightened my hair in months!
david liked it. when we met and i dazzled him with my wit, good looks, and charm (or something), i had straight hair with a deep side part and now whenever i do my hair like that, that mister of mine always comments on it. kind of like how i always love when he wears the black polo shirt he proposed to me in! so much fun to reminisce about our beginnings and then look at the fat baby babbling on the bed in between us.

this last weekend we got a F R E E television that's like 15" bigger than our old television, which is awesome. we don't have cable or anything, we just watch movies, and it'll be much cooler with a monster (cough, 36") screen. our first movie on the big screen: bernie! we love jack black and you should go rent it at redbox tonight, it's so funny. then also this weekend joonybug had a hard time napping but held himself up so well on his elbows and giggled every time i gave him an eskimo kiss, i couldn't be too upset about the fussy times. and david and i went on long drives and goofed off and pulled our hair out thinking about big decisions and srsly, the man looked good in a shirt and tie at church. AND i made a birthday package for my momma, which was so much fun (i love making packages for people i love, probably because i know how much i love getting mail and i hope it's that much fun for them).

so a pretty standard weekend over here. MAN was it good.


  1. i totally love your style! i almost alwys think that when i look at your photos! i love your style!

  2. Bernie was so so good. And you are so so pretty.

  3. Why being a working mom just isn't for me.
    That's a way cute belt and your hair color looks really pretty!


  4. I like those courduroys!


  5. Those last two pictures of you are breathtaking. Seriously.

  6. I'm loving wearing my hair straight for the first time in aagggges too! You know what they say, a change is as good as a holiday... :)

    Life etc

  7. I LOVE your hair like this. Sooo cute. And holy cow, you lost that baby tummy FAST! You are tiny!!

  8. i love your style nice clothes and your hair is awesome.



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