heels: target; skirt: f21; tee: panache; cardi: h&m
huzzah for overcast days!
we bought a car, did i tell you that? a nissan versa. she's cute. we haven't made many big purchases together in our four married years, so david and i had to make sure we were really committed to one other before making the plunge (kidding). anyways, if buying a car didn't make us feel old, installing this did:
i was arranging our favorite CDs in there and said to david, "this is going to be so outdated to joony. he won't listen to CDs, will he?" oh, well. it was still fun to enjoy a mix CD titled summa 2007/sicktight music. at least i was cool at one point, right?


  1. ooo i like the setting in this!!!! your outfit goes with the background!! now all you need to do is hide in the field and take a pic with just ur eyes and head popping out. thats hot

  2. I have one of those CD things on my flip down visor do-dad and and I always think about how, if I get in an accident from changing CD's, everyone would laugh at me because I wasn't changing a song on my iPod.
    Also, last week my mom said the following:
    (While looking at pictures on my camera): "Carrie, you have some old pictures on here- you need to dump your film."

    And, "well, have you checked in the phonebook?"

    I asked her if she had rewound her cassette too.

  3. LOLOL THE CDs! SO TRUE! i have a CD in my car's visor holder from junior year of high school entitled "Lacie's Special Break-Up Mix" that may or may not have some AWESOME HITS by Lisa Loeb on it...

  4. Love this outfit, bran! I want a pic of the car!!

  5. That first pic is rad.

  6. Hi there! I'm Eliza, your pen pal via E Tells Tales match. I was just sitting down to write you back and had to look up your blog. I love it!! I hope you have a minute to stop by soon + expect a letter in your box by the end of this week :) xoxo! eliza

  7. I. LOVE. finding old mix CDs I made back in the day when that was still cool and people didn't have iPods. I had great taste, if I do say so myself. :)

  8. Thanks for making us travel with you through your beautiful photos!

  9. I have a Nissan Versa and I absolutely LOVE it. We've been hit at six times by careless drivers and escaped with minor scratches. Also, once we hit a coyote and it dented the bumper but that's it. It's a wonderful car!


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