jurassic reality

sandals/tee: target; skirt: panache; belt: bohme; necklace: truly sarah; diaper bag: lucky

we had such a fun anniversary last thrusday! we decided to go to rexburg rapids, our town's little water park. it has a lazy river, which was not very relaxing because it was packed with kids yelling and splashing, and two decent water slides. right when we got there i ran up the stairs to the water slide and jumped right in--forgetting i'd left my nursing pads on inside my bathing suit. let me tell you, those things hold a lot of liquid. woops. 

we finished our day by watching jurassic park, which we'd never seen before. i'm no scientist, but i totally think all of that could really happen! creepy. i'm a big jeff goldblum fan after watching him on seven minutes with mike o'brien, which i love. hilarious.


  1. Jurassic Park was the first pg-13 movie I was allowed to watch growing up and I. WAS. TERRIFIED. My poor Dad had to spend the whole movie in the lobby with me because I was scared of the music in the beginning!

    Excited to see you today!

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha you went down the water slide with nursing pads in hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

  3. yup, i agree with the lady above me about the nursing pads in the pool. hilarious! i laughed so hard when i read that.
    you'd never seen jurassic park? crazy! my husband loves those movies.

  4. stunning,love it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo

  5. This outfit too cute!!! Love it!!!


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